Fire insurance

This kind of insurance shall cover damages and losses that the insured / policy holder incurs due to sudden blaze and burning all the insured's property or part thereof. This policy normally covers the following:

  • Fire or thunderbolt
  • Explosion followed by fire
  • Explosion of natural gas
  • Self-ignition

Moreover, there are some more additional risks that are called "accompanying risks". The following are examples of them:

  • risk of explosion of boilers, steam machines and pressure equipment
  • risks of riot, work stoppages, and civil strikes
  • risks of subversion & terrorism
  • Insuring against loss of the lease of the insured place because of a fire accident, against which there is an insurance policy.
  • Insuring against lessee's liability before the owner due to fire that may happen to the part occupied by the lessee.
  • Insuring against policy holder's liability insurance before the others as a result of a fire accident, against which there is an insurance policy, and that may cause damages to the others' property.
  • Insuring the sudden casual accidents that may affect water tanks and / or installations and pipes inside the building and that may cause a sudden and strong water surging.
  • insuring against natural risks (earth shakes – earthquakes – floods – storms -  water flows
  • Risk of vehicles' crash, whether they are owned to the insured / policy holder or to others.
  • Risk of planes 'crash, their fall or the fall of part of them.
  • Risk of the explosion of water pipes of spontaneous sprinklers network or water leakage without causing fire.
  • Coverage of the costs & expenses that are related to removal of debris and insured things as a result of an accident of coverage the insurance policy against fire.
  • Insuring against losses in the total profits that may result from or due to the interruption of business (subject matter of the insurance), partially or wholly.

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