Provide all types of insurance according to international insurance standards, using the latest available methods and help to follow up on their insurance programs of issues and compensation
Providing the best service, prices and coverage to manage all insurance operations for all specialties with major insurance companies, with our main mission with insurance companies on behalf of the authorities to submit insurance claims requests and pay compensation.

We are working on

Developing the interests of the participants by giving them additional value that is not limited to designing the most appropriate insurance coverage appropriate to the nature of their activity, but rather the best prices from different insurance companies.
We help to identify, analyze, divide, prioritize risks and provide other alternatives to avoid them and face any risks through a comprehensive insurance study of risks carried out by an efficient and experienced work in risk analysis.
We help re-evaluate the insured assets with the help of valuation experts through various insurance companies.
Providing offers that suit your requirements from insurance companies.
Follow up on insurance claims with insurance companies until compensation is paid in a professional manner to ensure that compensation is fair and at the required speed in order to preserve the interests of the participants.
We have a distinguished team working around the clock to provide the best service to our customers.
In the event that there is any complaint from any customer of any type, the matter is escalated to the competent tool and the problem is dealt with and followed up by the administration as well as by the top management and communication with the customer is made in less than 24 hours to determine the extent of his satisfaction

In the event that the customer is dissatisfied with the solution presented regarding his complaint, he has the right to submit the matter directly to the higher management by communicating with Mr. / Mohamed Ahmed phone number 01222366439


The company notes that customers are entitled to the customer’s dissatisfaction with his right, and at any time to file a complaint with the General Authority for Insurance Control, through the following methods   Go to the headquarters of the Financial Supervisory Authority in the Smart Village, complaints department, building Send a complaint to the e-mail.