Cargo insurance

This kind of policy shall provide insurance protection for goods that are transported from place to other by sea or land. In our company, we are working on providing the optimal coverage that is in conformity with the customer's needs. Such insurance is divided into three types:-

  • land transport insurance
  • river transport insurance
  • sea & air transport

Conditions of complex to insure Goods (A)
This insurance shall cover all risks of losses or damages that may happen to things that are insured (except those things that are excluded).

Conditions of complex to insure Goods (B)
This insurance shall cover the following risks (fire or explosion – stranding or sinking of ships – discharging goods in the relief harbor – sweeping of sea water to the ship's deck – entering of water to ship's holds or storage rooms – volcanoes, earth shakes or lightning).

It covers the following risks: (fire or explosions- sinking of the ship- unloading goods in the port of relief- volcanoes or earthquakes or lightning)

  • Conditions of Total Loss
  • This insurance covers the total loss of insured items which resulting from destruction of carrier because of sinking- explosion- fire.

Conditions of War Risks Insurance (for Goods)
This insurance covers risks that are resulting from (war or civil war or revolution- seizure or detention or suspension- explosive mines and bombs, etc.)

Conditions of Strikes Risks Insurance (For Goods)
This insurance covers damages that are resulting from (striking workers or sitters or riots or civil unrest- terrorism or someone who has political motivations)

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